Fraser Isle Spanner Crab

Fraser Isle Spanner Crab is a Sunshine Coast based fisherman of spanner crabs and processor of raw and cooked spanner crab meat. Wholesale only.

Fraser Isle Spanner Crab is the brand name of Aussie Red Crab Pty Ltd. Based on the wharf at Mooloolaba , we catch , process and distribute Australia’s most regional seafood , the Spanner Crab (ranina ranina).

You probably weren’t aware but the Spanner Crab capital of the world is Mooloolaba with the healthiest most sustainable catches occurring off the world heriatage listed Fraser Island.

We ship live crab to Australian, Chinese and Japanese markets but our biggest selling product is our frozen raw and cooked spanner crab meat under our ”Fraser Isle Spanner Crab” brand.

This product is used by high end chefs and establishments including Rockpool restaurant in Sydney as well as appearing regularly on the menu of Qantas first class.

The great news is that we will be launching our new frozen raw and cooked spanner crab meat retail range in Spring 2015 along with our website where you will be able to find great simple recipes utilising this iconic Sunshine Coast crustacean.

We urge you to try our spanner crab products and experience the sweetest tasting crab meat on the planet.

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