Tin Can Bay

Lee Fishing Company

Lee Fishing Company is a Sunshine Coast based fishery of scallops, prawns and fish.  Wholesale and retail store on site.

Lee Fishing Company has been operating since 1951 when Vern Lee commenced estuary fishing and crabbing in the waterways around Tin Can Bay. Today Lee Fishing Company operates a fully integrated operation incorporating catching, processing and marketing, of quality Fresh & Frozen seafood, which is distributed throughout Queensland, Interstate and Internationally.

The company runs a fleet of trawlers that operate in the coastal regions of Queensland. The trawlers are licensed to fish the east coast of Queensland and the Torres Straits. Lee Fishing also receives stock from other trawlers in the region and is the only receiving facility within a 350km stretch of Central Queensland.

Seafood that is landed by the trawlers is processed, graded, packed and frozen at sea. The trawlers unload from sea on a fortnightly/month cycle direct to our factory at Tin Can Bay.

Seafood that requires further processing is processed and packaged at our processing plant.

Lee Fishing prides itself on meeting the highest quality standards. All products dispatched are AQIS approved with the ability to be distributed into export markets.

Lee Fishing supplies to the seafood markets in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We have expanded our presence into overseas markets.

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