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I took myself on a bit of an adventure a few weeks back, visiting some of the markets on the Sunshine Coast that I had not yet been to.  The Noosa Farmers’ Market is no stranger to me, being my favourite and most frequented market.  The Kawana Farmers’ Market, would be my next most frequented market and is my closest to home, so also the most convenient.  I have been to the Fisherman’s Road and Yandina Markets a dozen times, and there are always lots of goodie there too, but I thought I would venture a bit further afield. So over the space of a couple of weekends I visited the Montville Produce Market, The Sunshine Growers Market, and my ultimate favourite, the Dagun Growers Market.

I have to say it is really worth going out and visiting some of these smaller lesser known markets. I am drawn by the ambience; the more village like atmosphere for one, but there is also a sense of community that you can really feel.  This was especially so with the Dagun Growers Market.

So my first visit was to the Sunshine Growers Market in the Sunshine Coast Christian College carpark at Woombye.  It is on every Saturday morning.  This market isn’t too far from home but funnily enough I had not yet been there.  It was surprisingly large on the day that I visited, covering lots of fresh fruit and vegies and a few extra notables.

There were some fabulous cacciatore style sausages from a butcher in Beenleigh.  Not exactly local, but I was willing to overlook that fact because they were particularly good.  Chocolate Provisions had a stall with their fabulous baked products and quality fair trade raw superfoods.  Had a bit of a stock up. Feijoa Fruits also a stall with their jams and chutneys as well as some fresh citrus. There were plenty of other stalls as well covering most of your grocery staples.

Next visit was to the Montville Produce Markets.  It is held every second Saturday in and around the village hall and it is a beautiful little market.  It is only small, but some great finds; got some comb honey, handcrafted jams, and there was also the fabulous fresh bread from the Crystal Waters Wood Fired Bakery – their spelt doughs are to die for…

It really felt like a true local market; plants, seedlings, bunches of glorious native flowers, I really loved it.  And if you plan it right, you can wander across the road for an amazing lunch at Wild Rocket @ Misty’s.

Finally I ended up at the Dagun Growers Market.  Now this market is a bit of a drive, but that is all part of the fun, and trust me, well worth the drive.  The market takes place at the Dagun Heritage Railway Station every Saturday from 2pm. This market operates as a cooperative arrangement between local growers and you are not going to get much more local than this. It was seasonal at its best. I came home with a whole box full of goodies and didn’t even spend a full $20.

Amongst my finds for the day were sticks of sugar cane, galangal, limes, cabbages – they were the special for the day – everyone was obligated to buy some! Also got some strawberries, dried chillies, Mary Valley Brie (delicious by the way), chokos, kale, mustard leaves… every time I thought I was done, I would add something further to my finds, loved it.  While the fruit and veg at this market is not all organically grown, it goes under a banner of ‘CareFarmed’ which means that the produce is responsibly grown with a minimum use of pesticides and it is all grown within a 70km radius of the market.

While I was busy shopping the Valley Rattler came through the station which was a bit of a novelty.  I had planned to get a photo, but I was somewhat preoccupied securing my bounty.  There are wine and cheese tastings, and there was even a local muso playing some tunes – great atmosphere. The Dagun Growers Market is an afternoon market so it makes for a great little afternoon trip and an even pleasanter drive home, knowing that you have stocked up on some great local produce and supported a community that takes pride and care in their produce… love it!

Sunshine Growers Market
Every Saturday 7am-noon
Sunshine Coast Christian College, Woombye

Montville Produce Markets
Every 2nd Saturday, 7am-noon
Village Hall, Main Street, Montville

Dagun Growers Market
Every Saturday from 2pm

For more information about local markets and events visit:



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